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Posted On 2 March 2014 BY Filed Under General

Archeologists estimate that modern humans have been on the Earth for about 200,000 years. Since then we have been experiencing the universe a routine like day/night, same four seasons in a year, birth-childhood-youth-reproduction-retirement-death. We have accepted it as a cycle repeating over and over. Even we do see our lives as a single fact, but in reality it is composed of countless repeating identical cycles in terms of micro scoping view. Matter or waves are made of series of micro scoping particles or chunk of energy. Similarly time is composed of series of micro scoping delays. The delay is fundamental base of the universe. If delay doesn’t exist, universe would be an infinitely small particle and we don’t feel sensation because delay gives us chance to experience the sensations.

Let me give you few famous examples which have changed our lives:

Fourier series: Fourier observed that any periodic signal is nothing but composition of series of identical signals of different frequencies. It seems very simple, but its applications have made a significant difference in our lives: communication, music, seismic, tidal etc.

Quantum theory: According to Max Plank (Quantum theory), the light is made of trains of elementary particle called photon. What an observation!!! Do you know the applications of quantum physics: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), laser, LED.

There are so many other theories based on breaking down an event or object into series of small elements which we have been using knowingly or unknowingly. Few examples of successful applications of this thinking:

Staircase: What is principle behind staircase? Simple!!! It breaks down big chunk of energy required to climb something into steps and that makes life practical. Actually it also gives a time delay at every step. Basically it breaks down time and energy required into pieces.

Switching converters: Unlike linear regulators, in switching regulators energy is pumped from source to load in series small chunks. With switching regulators the efficiency of DC conversion can be achieved up to 97%, same principle of breaking down energy and time into pieces.

LCD Display: Driving LEDs of the screen in series of pulses faster than human being could experience the change, nothing but pulses of energy over time delay.

Computer & Books: Numbers and letters are made of just two bits 0 and 1. Book without letters is impossible.

In general, always think of series of events in minuscule particles, chunks, changes etc. Now where we need to apply this tactic? In last decade energy has turned to be a center focus for everyone as we now rely more and more on machines for daily life. How can we convert any form of energy into electrical energy efficiently and easily? We are very close to it; just need detail micro scoping observation to find out hidden breakdown.

Written by Sam Sangani

Sam Sangani

Sam Sangani is the President & CEO of PNC Inc., a Nutley, NJ based Printed Circuit Board manufacturer. Sam graduated from L. D. Engineering College with a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also continued his education and graduated from Steven’s Institute of Technology where he acquired a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

After completion of his BS, Sam worked as a QC Manager, for Xerox, Romania and London. He was responsible for the Quality Control of Cable and Wire Harness imports from Romania. After completing his Master’s Degree, he worked as a Senior Programmer with IBM, Tucson, Arizona. Sam was responsible for leading the Mainframe System Programming Team.

In 1997, Sam acquired PNC INC., a Nutley, NJ based PC Board fabrication Shop. From 1997-2013, Sam has made tremendous improvements and changes within PNC INC., as he added many new Products and Technologies in PNC’s portfolio. With his proven track record and leadership, PNC has never had an unprofitable year and has continued its growth yearly since 1997.

His current responsibilities are Strategic Planning, Corporate Management, New Business Ventures, Sales & Marketing, Trade Shows, Professional Services and leading productive teams to achieve peak potential. He has also utilized Lean Management techniques which have built a foundation for PNC’s high-paced growth. Sam also enjoys real-estate investing, web design & SEO, trading stocks, options, futures and Forex markets.

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