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Next Big Thing Is…

Posted On 10 April 2018 BY Filed Under Uncategorized

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Improving Speed by PCB Routing Techniques in PCB Layout

Posted On 24 February 2015 BY Filed Under PCB Design

[1] There has been immense development in physical design aspects of designing with the advent of CAD Tools. It’s not that long ago, that we were hand taping on multiple layers of mylar at 2:1, 4:1 and even 8:1, and then having to shoot the artwork with a camera to reduce the film to 1:1. The power of today’s CAD tools can maximize your time whether it be circuit design, circuit simulation, PCB design, or system-level simulation. In turn, Complex designs can be optimized quicker and more efficiently. We know that copper traces are used as interconnects or bridges between two ...

Grounding in Printed Circuit Board Design

Posted On 18 February 2015 BY Filed Under PCB Design

[1] As we advance into the future, we want everything to be faster, cheaper, compact and durable. Everything around us is electrical. Moore’s law predicted that numbers of transistors per square inch of PCB will double every 2 years and it’s been true too date. Well theoretically it sounds good. But implementing new products with the above requirement comes with a cost. In order to reduce the unit cost of the design, due to noise. Various techniques have been developed in the past few decades to reduce noise in the circuits as the number of components increases and the available ...

Power Electronics: The Hidden Technology

Posted On 10 February 2015 BY Filed Under PCB Design

In the last decade of 21st century, power electronics has seen a tremendous amount of growth due to smaller and accurate designs working at the heart of each and every electronic device, machine, appliance or system. The current arena of power electronics is dominated by providing the low noise accurate supply voltage rails and huge power handling capacity at higher efficiency in small factor. Power electronics in layman terms is defined as the high power circuit design converting one level into different level of electrical energy. Power systems in current decade vary from range of mW (cellular mobile phones) to hundreds ...

Defeating Electrical Noise

Posted On 26 January 2015 BY Filed Under PCB Design

The best time to handle electrical noise problems is before they occur. When a system is in the design process, the designer should consider the following set of guidelines for system wiring: [1] Put surge suppression components on all electrical coils: Resistor/capacitor filters, MOVs, Zener and clamping diodes. Shield all remote connections, use twisted pairs. Shields should be tied to Earth at one end. Put all microelectronic components in an enclosure. Keep noisy devices outside. Watch internal temperature. Ground signal common wiring at one point. Float this ground from Earth if possible. Tie all mechanical grounds to Earth at one point. Run chassis and motor ...

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