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Printed Circuit Board High Copper Weight

Posted On 21 November 2022 BY

High-power PCB applications need more intensive heat management to cope with high currents and this is possible only through a heavy copper PCB. The copper thickness of traditional PCBs ranges between 1oz. and 3oz. whereas, the thickness of heavy copper goes from 4 oz to 10 oz. There is also another category of a heavy copper PCB known as a super-copper PCB which is 20oz to 200oz per square foot. Such a PCB is suitable for applications that need a high amount of current and high-power thermal or heat management. Heat dissipation in a large PCB becomes easier due to thick copper. ...

Copper & Epoxy Filled Vias in a PC Board

Printed circuit boards [1] have holes made through drilling to electrically connect various PCB layers. Manufacturers have to fill vias with different materials which are conducive or non-conductive, including copper, epoxy, etc. Via filling helps reduce air or liquid trapping, thus enhancing a PCB’s function. If anything gets trapped in the hole, it would affect the PCB assembly at a high temperature which is essential for soldering without lead. Via Filling Through Via-In-Pad The via-in-pad is the latest technology to fill vias, however, it is more costly than the old methods, such as through-hole. HDI boards with micro-vias work better because of ...

Printed Circuit Board Layout Challenges

Posted On 27 October 2022 BY

A PCB manufacturer has to face many problems and most DFM issues happen while creating a board's layout. Such issues can be minor, such as noises or missing parts, especially in BOQ or the bill of quantities. So, a manufacturer has to identify these issues and send the design back to the designer for revisions. Sometimes the manufacturer’s themselves make amendments, but all these efforts result in delayed and expensive production. Taking care of design in the early stages can prevent you from all layout challenges, enhancing PCB production. So, you can avoid the PCB layout and assembly issues by identifying them ...

Printed Circuit Board Layout Techniques for Reducing Harmonic Distortion of an ADC Driver

Posted On 25 October 2022 BY

The designer can avoid an ADC driver [1] and go for a single-ended device and to a transformer to the ADC, and it seems a simple technique. The single-ended driver amplifier uses high power and causes an even-order distortion, like CMRR and PSRR. The receiver signal chain involves a differential output and a single-ended RF input. Many SAW filters, as well as the mixers, are naturally differential PCBs, how ever, they have to be converted to single-ended because of certain limitations of applications. In the past, cellular applications had dual-balanced mixers due to high performance.  But, it consumed more space on the ...

Aluminum-Based Copper Clad PCBoard

Aluminum-based copper-clad PCB has aluminum as a base material along with other materials, including a dielectric layer, and thermal and insulating material. Some other terms also refer to aluminum copper PCB, such as a metal-clad PCB, aluminum base, an insulated metal substrate, aluminum clad, etc. The Reason for Using an Aluminum PCB Aluminum PCB started in the 1970s and has developed a lot so far. It is ideal for applications with heat dissipation because it helps manage temperature as it transfers the heat far from important PCB components. It has a longer lifespan than fiberglass because of its high durability. Components of Aluminum PCB Aluminum ...

Printed Circuit Boards

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