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Acceptability Criteria of Printed Circuit Boards, what standard do you use?

Posted On 19 February 2015 BY Filed Under PCB Fabrication

[1] As a printed circuit board manufacturer, PNC Inc [2]., Nutley, NJ, our criteria of acceptability during the inspection process is determined by IPC–A–600. The scope of this document describes the acceptable and non-conforming conditions of a bare boards either externally or internally during the final inspection process. The inspection criteria is then broken down into three classifications of acceptability, Class I, Class II and Class III. Each class’s acceptance criteria is then again broken down into three areas, target condition, acceptable, and nonconforming for the imperfections in question. At times there can be a disconnect or confusion between the end-user ...

Board on Board with Ventilation Tunnels

Posted On 10 May 2013 BY Filed Under PCB Fabrication, Uncategorized

Over the past two years, we have been seeing some really innovative and high Tech PCB layouts. One case in general, was a Board Design that incorporated multiple ventilation tunnels within the layer structure of a Board on Board application. What is Board on board? The application was to mount 4 pieces of laminate together, with ventilation tunnels, over the top of a Double sided Board without air leakage between the layers. Our biggest obstacle was to figure out how not to fill the vent tunnels with pre-preg during the lamination process. After reviewing this ...


Posted On 28 April 2013 BY Filed Under PCB Fabrication

Visit our Capabilities [1] and Facility list [2] pages to get a more detailed view of PNC. To meet growing needs of our customer using SMT boards, we started our Laser cut SMT Stencil Division [3] in 1998. Unlike a normal cloth mounted stencil, we have come up with our own unique patented ACCUFRAME® [4] which is a reusable frame. For more information on our Stencil making services, visit our STENCIL page. [1] [2] [3] [4]

About PNC INC.

Posted On 28 April 2013 BY Filed Under PCB Fabrication

By Sam Sangani Established in 1968, PNC Inc. is the largest manufacturer of circuit board in the Tri-State area producing up to 40 layers MLB Boards. Our 37,000-sq.ft. state of the art facility is capable of processing over 1500 20″x26″ PWB or PCBs panels per day.PNC Inc. is ISO9001-2008, MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-PRF-55110, UL Certified, ITAR Registered and Minority Owned Business.

Printed Circuit Boards

PNC Inc. offers every solution in the PCB arena. This includes design, fabrication, assembly and a number of value-added services. With these capabilities and our facilities around the country, we are able to provide quick-turn prototypes and large-scale production all under the same roof. We pride ourselves on constant improvement and invest millions each year into making sure we have the latest technology to make our processes as efficient as possible.

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