Advantages of Laser CUT SMT Stencils

  • Smooth internal pad walls(<= 3µm)
  • Aperture consistency reduces dpm’s
  • High Pad positional accuracy.
  • Stencil to PCB registration (caused by film distortion)
  • No chemicals – Environmentally friendly process.
  • Drastic reduction in print rejects
  • Clean and exact printing image of the solder paste
  • Fine-pitch screen <= 250µM can be realized without problems

See for yourself:

The images shown below were produced by a University Institute using a scanning electron microscope.

Stencil produced by etching technology

pad screen 300µm

Stencil produced by laser technology

pad screen 250µm, pad aperture 120µm

This comparison test of a well-known German electronics company produced the following results:

Etched stencil:
Etched stencil:
6300 dpm ends
6300 dpm ends
5230 dpm soldered connections
55 dpm soldered connections

Straight vertical walls, wall smoothness, and dimensional precision define SMT stencil performance. Typical PNC Stencil walls are shown below:

Uniform apertures with smooth walls render consistent paste volume.

Laser cut precision with software driven repeatability affords exceptional dimensional accuracy.


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