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Printed Circuit Board Milling

PCB milling involves the removal of copper from the PCB laminate to redevelop the structure, pad, and signal traces according to the layout design. In other words, you have to remove the PCB material through rotary cutters. What Is Milling? The milling machine helps in drilling, cutting, and boring materials in an array. So, the technique of removing material through the tool axis is what we call milling. The milling machines have a variety, and they are used in PCB and other industries, including aerospace and auto parts. You need a machine to perform all milling functions to develop a prototype PCB involving ...

Castellated Circuit board fabrication (Uses, and Design Guide)

Electronic goods are increasing with a time that demands smart, high density, and multifunctional PCBs. You will see smarter PCBs than in the past as their geometric index is continuously increasing. Advanced PCBs with reduced sizes need to have updated soldering with a better electrical connection. Large holes result in poor connections, affecting a product, hence, the hole size has reduced to half. PCB’s need different holes for connections and one of them is plated half hole and designers also call it a castellated hole. It is a drilled hole finished in copper and it exists on the board boundaries. As holes ...

Printed Circuit Board Signal Conditioning Process

The process of data acquisition is known as signal processing. This acquisition is done by an instrument which is known as the signal conditioner. There is a conversion of signals that happened in this process. The signal conditioner converts the signal from one form such as electrical or mechanical to another form. The input signal is converted into the output signal in the signal conditioning process. Now the question may arise why do we need to convert the input signal into an output signal? The simple answer is that the signal needs to be amplified. This amplification helps the signal to ...

Board on Board with Ventilation Tunnels

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Over the past two years, we have been seeing some really innovative and high Tech PCB layouts. One case in general, was a Board Design that incorporated multiple ventilation tunnels within the layer structure of a Board on Board application. What is Board on board? The application was to mount 4 pieces of laminate together, with ventilation tunnels, over the top of a Double sided Board without air leakage between the layers. Our biggest obstacle was to figure out how not to fill the vent tunnels with pre-preg during the lamination process. After reviewing this Design, our staff came up ...

Printed Circuit Boards

PNC Inc. offers every solution in the PCB arena. This includes design, fabrication, assembly and a number of value-added services. With these capabilities and our facilities around the country, we are able to provide quick-turn prototypes and large-scale production all under the same roof. We pride ourselves on constant improvement and invest millions each year into making sure we have the latest technology to make our processes as efficient as possible.

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