Project-1 wireless802.11 a/b/g Router

  • This design is based on dual core ARM7/ARM9 network processor and 802.11MAC.
  • AT76 Baseband and MAX2829 RF transceiver chips.
  • Encryption-WPA,WEP,DES,MD5
  • IPsec and MAC filtering.

Project-2-Hybrid VoIP/Analog Phone

  • Dual Core VoIP process based on ARM7 TDMI and Oak DSP
  • Si3210 used for Line interface SLIC
  • CODEC - MSM 7716
  • VoIP protocols - SIP,H.323 and RTP
  • DSP Algorithms - G.723,G.729,G.711

Project-3 - Analog Cable Multi Tuner Board

  • Multi-format and Multi-Standard support (NTSC,PAL and SECAM)
  • RF Active/Passive splitters and Amplifiers
  • RS232 Based controls
  • IrDA Remote controls.
  • Custom tuning Algorithms
  • I2C based tuner firmware upgrade

Project-4 - relay based Energy Saver

    • 2 ARM7 based design
    • Controlling Relays
    • Monitoring Relays thru current sensors
  • PCB designed to handle currents up to 30A
  • Complex Algorithms to control the relay switching.
  • Custom Alarm detections and generation
  • EPROM programming to log events

Project 5 -Universal Machine Controller

  • OKI ARM controller based I/O board
  • A/D interface used for controlling motor speed
  • 7 segment LED for Error reporting.
  • Custom Alarm detections and generation
  • DIP switches used for setting up board id in multiple Card system

Project 6- Single Phase Energy Meter

  • Indigenously Built
  • Single chip low cost solution
  • AMR capabilities (IR,RF and GSM)
  • Anti - Tampering Features
  • Measurement of Standard Parameters like kWh,kW,PF,Line frequency,Line voltage
  • Class 1 accuracy
  • Meets industry standards like IS: 13779:1999,IEC 62052-11,IEC 62053-21

Project 7 Wi-Fi Enabled Voice Memo

  • Hand held voice recording and playback capabilities
  • Voice compression/ decompression algorithms
  • Wi-Fi interface
  • eCos operating system
  • Lilon battery powered and USB Charger
  • STM32 and ZeroG (WiFi) base architecture
  • Product Size (L X W X H) = 45 X 29 X 5 mm

project-8-Emans-paging System

  • Emergency Mass notification system
  • Battery powered RF Based paging system on 315MHz
  • Cover paging range about 5 miles
  • specially designed for university and colleges
  • Multi processor architecture using LPC 2101 and MSP430F2001
  • ADF7021 base RF solution
  • Ultra low power consumption

Project- 9- Wi-Fi enables IR remote

  • Samsung ARM926 based system
  • QVGA TFT LCD display
  • True 26 buttons keypad
  • IR learner as well as transmitter
  • battery operated, Charger
  • WiFi:80211 b/g up to 11Mbps
  • Win CE 5.0 Operating System

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