Golden Jubilee

Welcome to PNC Inc.

Forover 51years,PNC Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of superior rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs). Located in Nutley, NJ, we are the largest manufacturer in the North east.Innovation, Quality and Service are of prime importance to us.

We are capable of meeting all of your requirements for design, fabrication and assembly. For the last 48 years, we have served a diverse group of industries like contract manufacturing, telecommunication, medical, data processing, recorders, controllers, audio, video and aerospace.

PNC Inc. specializes in working side-by-side with visionary engineers in the RF, Microwave, Aerospace, Defense, and Satellite industries (amongothers) to create solutions forever - advancing concepts and designs. We venture to take on demanding and challenging technologies, as well as continuing to expertly employ the most well-established PCB manufacturing practices.
PNC's service and technological staff are second to none. Our tightly managed processes are all handled" in-house,"allowing for unmatched product excellence-always at a fair price.

Please contact us today and experience for yourself that PNC Inc. is your best all-around PCB source for QUALITY AND VALUE!

Sam Sangani

PNC Online
Phone: (973) 284-1600
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