Laser Direct Imaging

PNC Inc. recently purchased an LED Laser Direct Imaging system from Miva Technologies. This model, the 2000L 2LE, is capable of imaging a maximum size 24” x 24” PC board or film size. With any large format film, positional accuracy can be a challenge but the Miva’s dynamic scaling feature can increase accuracy to minimize tolerance build-ups during the imaging process. Due to Miva’s optical registration system, inner layer drill break-out will be reduced immensely on densely routed signal layers, therefore significantly increasing yield. For sub-20 mil pitch parts or micro BGA’s, a 2-3 mil solder dam will be possible to eliminate bridging during the assembly process.

"This LDI system represents a culmination of our efforts to find the most efficient equipment for each and every department in both manufacturing and assembly." Sangani said.

Again, PNC stands by its commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Taking this next step to improve the manufacturing process helps them deliver the ever-increasing quality standards which they have become well known for.


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