PNC Inc. Purchases 1913 Mark III Series SMT Reflow Oven

PNC Inc. recently purchased a Model 1913 Mark III Series SMT Reflow Oven from Heller Industries. In keeping with their commitment to continuous improvement, this oven will be an integral part of a new state of the art, SMT line at PNC Inc. Said President Sam Sangani, “Although we have positioned ourselves as industry leaders, we still want to keep pushing the envelope.” He added, “We recognize there is no cap on quality, so pursuing it is an ongoing endeavor.”

The 1913 Mark III is a 13-zone reflow oven consisting of 135” heated Tunnel with 26 independent temperature controlled heating zones making for a more consistent thermal profile. The Model 1913 Mark III is capable of accommodating an 18” wide PCB for large format Boards. The oven is also Nitrogen ready for assemblies that require inert soldering processes.

With RoHs becoming more and more prevalent in the industry, the 1913 Mark III is one of the most efficient reflows on the market to date. Its innovative cooling module allows for cooling rates higher than 3 degrees C per second—enabling it to meet the most stringent of lead-free requirements. “Above all,” Mr. Sangani said, “was our insistence that this machine be cost efficient for our customers’ benefit and energy efficient for the environment’s benefit.”


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