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Surface Mount Technology Laser Stencil


We at PNC strive for excellence in quality. Our laser stencil fabrication process has minimal routing sequences which reduce manufacturing errors. Such errors as mesh stretching, mesh adhesion to frame, gluing foil to mesh, mounting foil upside down, mesh emulsions and chemical etch tolerances are now taken out of the formula. With all of the secondary processes eliminated, we can now direct more time and energy towards engineering and customer service.


Q. How do we store the foils?

A. There are 4 methods for storage.

a. We can provide a job organizer envelope which is reinforced to protect the foil from damage. These organizers also have side pockets for job related paper work. You can slide the organizer into your existing stencil rack. If need be, you may slide multiple organizers into one stencil slot to reduce your storage.

b. PNC can also supply giant vertical filing cabinets. You can file foil sizes up to 25" x 38".

c. We also can supply our customers with horizontal filing cabinets. These slim-line steel cabinets can store foils up to 47" x 36".

d. Another popular method is to hang the foils. Each stencil foil will hang by itself in its own transparent bag. The storage units come in two styles, wall mount or stand-alone.


Q. How do you price laser cut stencils?

A. We have a flat fee pricing schedule. We feel we can expedite our stencils to the customer's benefit using this method of pricing.


Q. Do I have to purchase ACCUFRAME from PNC ?

A. No, PNC will loan ACCUFRAME free of charge to our customer with the first stencil order. After first order, PNC will ship only foil to you. We will loan you more than one frame if you necessary.

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PNC offers myriad production and assembly services from quick-turn prototypes to high-volume orders. With a vast 50,000 sq. ft. facility and millions of dollars being invested into it on a regular basis, we have the know-how, the capability and the technology to handle any size order in virtually any time frame.

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