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PCB Manufacturing Capacity...

Quick turn Prototype PC boards from 24 hour turnaround to high volume printed circuit board production from our domestic plant in USA and/or China facilities. Our Modern 38,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant with multi-million dollar investment with latest equipment and technology is capable of producing over 600 panels or 2000 sq. ft per day.

Our Capabilities ...

  • PB Board design from schematics
  • Prototype PC Board from 24 hrs.
  • Large volume production Printed circuit boards from USA/China
  • Layers count: 1 to 40
  • Min. Line width/spacing(mil):3/3
  • Min. PAD Size for test: 0.003”
  • Aspect Ratio: 12:1
  • Board thickness: 0.020” - 0.250”
  • Min. Core Thickness:0.005”
  • Max Panel size: 18"x24" Multi-layers, 22”x26” 2L
  • Materials: FR-4, FR406/08, Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, AL Core, polyimide
  • Materials: Polyimide, NELCO, Halogen free, High Frequency
  • Finishes-Non RoHs: Tin Lead HASL
  • Finishes-RoHs: ENIG, ENEPIG, Silver, Tin, Flash Gold, OSP, Lead free
  • Smallest Drill Size: Mechanical-0.006”, Laser-0.003”
  • Minimum Smallest Finished hole Size:0.004” Std, 0.0025” Advanced
  • Impedance Tolerance : 5%
  • Solder Mask Dam between SMT Pads : 4.5 mils
  • Differential Impedance
  • Blind and buried vias, Filled Vias, Via in PADS
  • Plated Edges, Plated Edge Holes, Milling
  • Heavy Cu, Finished Cu Weight - Outer 6 oz. / Inner 4 oz.
  • Imaging 10,000 Room-Clean room environment
  • Completely automated plating lines to give you uniform plating
  • Participant in customer's JIT and KANBAN programs
  • SPC to assure all processes are working within set Quality Parameters
  • Bar coded traveler & real time CIM system via web to track all the jobs
  • UL Approved - High Tg
  • 0.4 mm (.0157”) BGA

At PNC, Quick turn Prototype circuit board manufacturer, we will meet or exceed your quality specifications

As our motto rightly says, "We'd rather explain the cost of quality than have to apologize for the lack of it."

We welcome you to visit us or try us with a sample order. We are confident that you will make us your Premier PC board supplier.

Pc Boards

PNC offers myriad production and assembly services from quick-turn prototypes to high-volume orders. With a vast 50,000 sq. ft. facility and millions of dollars being invested into it on a regular basis, we have the know-how, the capability and the technology to handle any size order in virtually any time frame.

Contact Adress

  • Location:

    PNC INC, 115 East Centre St, Nutley, NJ, 07110

  • Phone: (973) 284-1600

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