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PCB Assembly Facility Equipment List

NJ Plant

  • PIX 29x29 Semi-Auto Screen Printer
  • GL Plus Automatic Stencil Printer - Demo Room Model
  • SE-500-II In-Line 3D SPI System
  • JUKI - KE3020V with XL Size Conveyor (22"x 24”)
  • JUKI - KE3010 with XL Size Conveyor (22"x 24”)
  • Universal (Genesis) Pick & Place
  • Spare Feeder Trolley; Electronic; KE3010A/KE3020VA
  • IS Software; includes 1 Intelli PE license for producing programs
  • CVS (Component Verification System) for KE3010/KE3020
  • Matrix Tray Changer (Side mount) for L-Wide/XL size base models
  • ePM-SPI/AOI Gerber-based programming software
  • 8mm Electronic Tape Feeder - Dual Lane (2, 4mm pitch)
  • 12mm Electronic Tape Feeder; 4, 8, 12mm pitch
  • 16mm Electronic Tape Feeder - (4, 8, 12, 16mm pitch)
  • 24mm Electronic Tape Feeder - (4mm ~ 24mm pitch, 4mm pitch)
  • 32mm Electronic Tape Feeder - (4mm ~ 32mm pitch, 4mm pitch)
  • Stick Feeder (Type N0) Lane Width 6.9mm
  • Heloer 13 Zone Model 1913MKIII Reflow Oven
  • Dektec 8 Zone Reflow Oven
  • Dectec Wave Solder with Auto Spray Fluxer
  • ERSA EcoSelect 2 Selective Solder
  • Nano Jet Conveyor Flux Cleaner
  • 6 Slot Feeder indexing system
  • 40 Slot offline Feeder Storage table
  • 18’ Digital Video Slide Line
  • Peius Pro-650 BGA Re-Work Station
  • Yestech AOI Inspection
  • Glen Brook Multi Axis X-Ray
  • Tagarno Digital Video Inspection
  • Fancourt De-Panelizer
  • Black Jack Hot Air Gun
  • (3) Hexacon HTC Soldering Stations
  • (4) SLD 942 Soldering Stations
  • Brady BMP71 Labeling Machine
  • Supra Dual Wrist/Foot Tester
  • Arbor Press
  • Olamef Radial Cut/Bender
  • Inspection scopes and misc. solder/de-Solder equipment


Chicago Plant

  • Panasonic CM602L with 24 high-speed heads and 12 multifunction heads (90K CPH)
  • Panasonic CM602L with 16 high-speed heads and 6 multifunction heads (52K CPH)
  • Mydata My9E with Hydra heads (21K CPH)
  • Mydata My12 with hydra heads (36”x24” placement capacity, 21K CPH)
  • Three fully automatic Screen Printers:
  • DEK Horizon 03i with 2D Paste Inspection & Grid-Lok
  • DEK Horizon 03i with Grid-Lok
  • DEK Horizon 03i with Grid-Lok
  • Three Reflow ovens and Datapaq Reflow tracker with easy oven setup profiler
  • BTU Pyramax 150A True 10-Zone Reflow oven
  • BTU Pyramax 100N True 8-Zone Reflow oven with
  • Nitrogen Capability and 24” Board Process Capability
  • BTU Pyramax 150A True 12-Zone Reflow oven
  • Two wave Solder Machine with dedicated Lead free wave
  • JUKI WS450N wave with automatic Spray Fluxer
  • Qualitek JT450 Wave with automatic Spray Fluxer
  • Qualitek QW-300 Lead-Free wave
  • Agilent SP50 3D Paste Inspection
  • Agilent i3070 Series III Medalist In-Circuit Tester with boundary- scan, Interconnect, ISP.
  • YESTECH FS-1 high speed SMT inspection machine with 01005 Inspection capable
  • NIKON XTV Real-time X-Ray(160KV, 5 Axis, Tilt/Rotation)
  • PVA 650 Conformal Coating with Dispense, Spray and Air- Atomizer capability with 45-degree tilt/360 rotation
  • RPS Automation selective wave solder 24”x24” capacity
  • Electrovert wave solder machines
  • EMC Cyberclean High-speed Aqueous Cleaner
  • METCAL BGA rework station/OKI station
  • Amistar axial insertion, Q Corp lead trimmer
  • Takaya flying probe 8400 tester
  • Multiple lead formers, manual assembly line
  • Inspection scopes and misc. solder/de-Solder equipment

Pc Boards

PNC offers myriad production and assembly services from quick-turn prototypes to high-volume orders. With a vast 50,000 sq. ft. facility and millions of dollars being invested into it on a regular basis, we have the know-how, the capability and the technology to handle any size order in virtually any time frame.

Contact Adress

  • Location:

    PNC INC, 115 East Centre St, Nutley, NJ, 07110

  • Phone: (973) 284-1600

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