Printed Circuit Board (PCB)Assembly & Manufacturer
Printed Circuit Board manufacturer

Printed Circuit Board manufacturer


Here is a brief synopsis of PNC INC:

Established in 1968, PNC Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of Rigid, Flex and Rigi-Flex printed circuit boards (PCBs). Located in Nutley, NJ, we are the largest circuit boards manufacturer in the area. We are committed to Innovation, continuous improvements, quality, responsiveness and on-time delivery.

PNC Inc. specializes in working side-by-side with visionary engineers and buyers in the high frequency RF/Microwave, Audio, Defense, and Medical industries (among others) to create solutions for ever-advancing concepts and designs. We venture to take on demanding and challenging technologies, as well as continuing to expertly employ the most well-established PCB manufacturing practices. PNC combines latest technology with American innovation to deliver world-class performance.

Our Products & services:

line PCB Design from schematics or concepts
PC board Manufacturing - USA
arrow Prototype PC Boards
arrow Metal Core/Hybrid PC Boards
arrow RF/Microwave PCBs
arrow MIL Certified PC boards
PC board Manufacturing - Offshore
Flexible PCBs - Quick turn and production - CHINA
line Solder Paste SMT stencil with reusable ACCUFRAME®
Graphic Overlays and Membrane Switches
Sheet Metal & Precision Machining Fab.- CHINA
Cable and Wire harness / Assembly - USA & CHINA
Plastic Injection Molding - CHINA

PNC’s strongest deliverables:

line Simple to High end PCB Design from schematics or concept Simple to High end PCB Design from schematics or concept
Quick Turn Quick Turn Prototypes PC Boards from 24 hrs turnaround time
SMT Stencils with our Patented Re-usable SMT Stencils with our Patented Re-usable ACCUFRAMEŽ
2-40 Layers High Density Multilayer PCBs (Quick Turn to High volume) 2-40 Layers High Density Multilayer PCBs (Quick Turn to High volume)
Blind and Buried vias Multilayer PCBs including Rogers Materials Blind and Buried vias Multilayer PCBs including Rogers Materials
RoHs Finishes(LF-HAL, ENIG,SOFT/HARD Gold, Tin, Silver & OSP)
UL approved for High Tg
Produced with top of the line ISOLA370HR, High Tg 180 materials
100% final inspection and netlist testing(5 Flying Probe testers)
Our China partners are UL approved for PNC’s UL Logo.
Very competitive price structure for Prototype PC Boards
Online live order tracking via our Website
Express PCB RFQ reply within 30 min or less for prototype PCB
Superior customer service &instant response to customer’s inquiries
E-mail notification upon job shipment with tracking number
We participate KANBAN and JIT Programs
High Volume production from our offshore partners at very attractive prices. Our offshore boards are 100% tested, inspected and certified by PNC USA before shipped.
line Printed circuit boards serve as "The Chassis of Electronics" and they are the last thing designed and first thing needed. Quick access to PC Boards can serve as your competitive weapons in today's race to market with new products. PNC has been a Printed Circuit board Manufacturer of quality Double Sided and Multilayer printed circuit boards since 1968 with over 40 years of experience. Let us quote your requirements from Prototype PC Boards to mid & high volume production runs. We will treat your small orders with the same urgency and importance as you do. If price, accuracy, and respect are what you look for in a supplier, then let us quote your requirements.

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